ever since the self care shop launched at the end of december, i have felt a deep sense of peace and calmness. i am so grateful to everyone who came out to the relaunch party to learn more about the new self care offerings. the holidays feel well behind us, and it feels good to be striving for new goals this month.

the self care shop is seeing some updates take place this year, with the first restock taking place tomorrow, on wednesday, january 11th at noon, pst. i am going to be stocking some beatiful, some highly functional, and some love based crystals this restock.. you won't want to miss out because when they sell out, they're gone.

selenite moon

crystals are a new element to the shop. their beautiful vibration, vibrant colours and sparkle and shine make them as unique as humans. each crystal on its own is a powerhouse, but when combined is that much more so.

i invite you to lean into mother nature and the beauty that she offers when considering your self care practices.

a walk in nature, or a bath in nature, both are so deeply healing.

which brings me to my organic bath tea. this blend is a beautiful combination of detoxifying, cleansing, but nourishing and balancing herbs. add a tea bag of herbs and salts to your next bath to take it to a new, holistic bath experience. all of the herbs are locally sourced and usda approved.

the final improvement to the self care shop that i will mention for now are the new gua sha crystal tools. there is a new clear quartz gua sha board that is my personal favourite, a rose quartz acupuncture pen and a restock of the captivating, rose quartz butterfly.

i've noticed that so many customers, and friends are drawn to the rose quartz butterfly. i think it would make a fabulous gift for valentines day to show that extra bit of love. rose quartz is the ultimate expression of love, passion and commitment.

if you're looking for love, or healing, consider keeping a rose quartz heart with you. oh btw, the selenite moons and other sold out items will be re stocked tomorrow and i apologize in advance if the moons sell out again.

xo - naturally nikki